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Posted by Dori on 08 June 2015 12:29 PM

Mission Statement

Dori Friend’s personal mission statement is to “empower people to accept themselves and each other.” So, dive deep into what is limiting YOU from accepting exactly who you really are and start to realize the great potential of what YOU can DO.

After riding her bicycle across the United States in 2000, Dori read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Upon finishing it, she knew she couldn’t go back to the “day job.”

She admits that a steady paycheck was like a drug but once she realized that there were other ways to make money—lots of money—she was able to kick the habit.

Working At Apple Computer

And even though she was an expensive hired gun for Apple Computer, working on products from the MACs operating system to being on the team that created the first digital interface for cameras, (parts of which can still be seen on all phone cameras today) she knew she couldn’t scale her finances as there were only so many working hours in the day. And, well, Steve Jobs had just come back to Apple and dismantled most of the departments she worked for.


Seeing that as a sign, Friend hit the Internet hard and within a few years had reverse-engineered enough of Google’s algorithm to enable her to master the technique of ranking websites on their first page and making millions of dollars for her effort.


Her journey wasn’t always easy; there was no one in front of her to lead the way and of course there was Google whom had to hire a myriad of PHDs to try and count-act Friends and her SEO comrades techniques and strategies for ranking on page one, but like most entrepreneurs, Friend always bounced ahead and is considered a leading industry expert in the underground world of SEO and Internet Marketing.

She consistently speaks in front of thousands of people, teaches her PageOne Systems and continues to change the lives of all those she comes into contact with.

Rave Reviews

“Dori knows her stuff and is THE secret SEO weapon for many Internet insiders. It’s about time she’s putting something out there in the marketplace that really works. She stands behind everything she does and really takes care of her ‘tribe’.”
– Yanik Silver, founder Maverick1000

Bottom line is, I have made MULTIPLE MILLIONS of dollars using Dori’s systems and promoting her educational material and software to my customers. Dori pulls in the best of the best for her workshops.”
– Brad Callen, Bryxen Software, Inc.

“Dori Friend is one of the top SEO experts on the planet. I’ve made so much money over the years with her information and systems. When it’s SEO, I go straight to Dori. I can’t wait to promote this new product, it’s going to absolutely ROCK!”
-Jim Sweeney Founder,

Dori and I have been good friends since 2003, we started a cash-cow business together back in 2005, and she’s one of the only people I have ever trusted enough to teach SEO to my students… Dori Friend is an SEO
-Jeff Johnson,

We took a new business from $0 to close to $1m/year in recurring revenue in just a few months. She holds great events, really cares about her customers, surrounds herself with smart people, and knows her stuff.
-Ben Roy, Cloak Hosting

I’ve been in the online/IM world since 1997, and have been blessed to be friends with Dori for over half of that time. She’s seen it all in the SEO world and knows what it takes to get RESULTS. Any time I have a ‘what’s working now’ SEO question, Dori is the person to ask.
– Chris Zavadowski, Centreville, VA

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Don’t Live Without Adventure
Posted by Dori on 21 April 2015 08:29 AM
Dori Friend dogsledding With Yanik Silver

Dori Friend with Yanik Silver

We are looking for 3 more people who want to apprentice and let us make case studies out of them for my upcoming launch. 10 max. First to apply and be accepted. Starts April 24th.

Now for Monday’s Motivation. At least you don’t look like THIS! lol

Snake Bitten Dog

This is the SECOND rattlesnake bite for this boy! And yep, he is OK!

Another couple grand thrown at him so I am hoping he will learn soon that rattle snakes aren’t toys!

But, the moral to the story is, don’t live without adventure! lol ;-D

Dori :-)

p.s. Join Our Apprentice Program for FAST RESULTS! We are putting OUR
best stuff up for you to become a GREAT case study for us!

ALSO, Amazon training videos below while they are up.
p.s.s. On a personal note… I am missing Tennessee! Need me some BBQ, beer and country music!

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